Xmas Special

Why do old bugs keep coming back again?

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Why do old bugs keep coming back again?

This week Slack and I discuss how removing features from Bedrock Edition for Partiy is not always a bad thing. We discuss Minecraft's new Coze Scenes videos and Element Animations new Xmas song.
We also add a whole bunch of ideas to the Good Ideas bin and get quite technical about recording and editing audio for youtube videos and streams.

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Element Animation: New Minecraft Xmas Song

Minecraft Soothing Scenes: 1hr videos


Magma cubes damaging iron golems

Good Ideas Bin

Density Cap Sliders so mob spawning rates can be improved
- Suggested by Slack and Foxy

Map marker parity with Java
- Suggested by thebigbluefrog

Dyeable ender chests
Like modded, so different coloured chests link to the same color
- Suggested by Eyeofthenyte, modified by Foxy and Slack

Hopperable Ender chests
- Suggested by Foxy

No AI Mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition
- Suggested by RoboRufus7

Mossy Cobbled Deepslate and Mossy Cobbled Blackstone
- Suggested by Tron

Light emitting mossy block versions crafted with Glow Lichen and Moss
- Suggested by Slack and Foxy

Flame arrows set fire to blocks and light portals
Only with Fire Spread turned on
- Suggested by CricketTheWise, modified by Foxy and Slack

Attach both ends of a lead to any mob, fence post or entity
- Suggested by Tyler B

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