Netherite Nerf with New Armor Upgrades

Have Mojang made a mistake with their new customization features?

Episode Hosts

Have Mojang made a mistake with their new customization features?

In this episode Foxy and Jessiie go into great detail discussing the new Minecraft Armor Trim system which drastically changes how players upgrade their tools and armor with Netherite. It also introduces a wide range of Armor Customization options using Templates that can be found around the world.
This was a live show episode recording with over 30 people in the Discord listening live.

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Minecraft Java Snapshot 23W04A

Mojang Feedback Page for Trims

Bruno & Ulraf on Custom Tool Trims


Acacia saplings don't grow on moss using bone meal

When I was loading a world I had my inventory wiped and sent to spawn.

Good Ideas Bin

Craft Grass Blocks from Dirt and Grass
- Suggested by ScrubLordXL, Modified by Foxy and Jessiie

Desert Catacombs
Found under desert temples to make the underground more interesting
- Suggested by m2lansky, Modified by Foxy and Jessiie

A way to get villagers to go to their workstations
Like using a bell
- Suggested by Brood591

Inventory System Update
- Suggested by Conchobar

Copper Reinforced Pistons to push more blocks
- Suggested by Teryte

Craft Glow Ink Sacs into a pure White Light Block
- Suggested by PlodPlod, Modified by Foxy and Jessiie

Beacon range extended by adding more layers to a beacon
- Suggested by Scafone, Modified by Foxy and Jessiie

Enderite Ore found in The End
Makes items invulnerable to void damage. They float in the void and players have to swoop into the void to try and retrieve
- Suggested by Nobody2023

Disable Item Despawn Gamerule
Behind the cheats toggle
- Suggested by Totally NOT Nobody2023

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