Villagers are NOT a solution!

Mojang are listening to our concerns about Armor Trims... sort of

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Mojang are listening to our concerns about Armor Trims... sort of

In this episode Foxy and Jessiie discuss changes Mojang have made to the new Armor Trims to make things a little easier. We also talk about how Villagers are not the solution to all of Minecraft's problems and we talk about note blocks a lot!

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Minecraft Bedrock Beta & Preview

Minecraft Bedrock Beta & Preview

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Button sounds no longer linked with Blocks volume slider

Observers don't detect changes to Note Blocks

Beds that span a chunk border can partially break or become invisible during chunk loading

Good Ideas Bin

Noteblocks have a GUI with musical score to help education on music notation
They also have some more "Minecrafty" instrument sounds
Can be put on blocks (like Soul Soil or Magma Blocks) to raise or lower the octaves.
- Suggested by Squirrelicious, Modified by Foxy and Jessiie

Broken tools don't dissapear
They just break and can be repaired until the repair cost is too expensive
Then they can be kept as mementos
- Suggested by greystone83, Modified by Foxy and Jessiie

More Farmable Crops like corn and rice
- Suggested by Nobody2023

Overhaul on Melee Weapons
Includes broadsword, long sword, daggers, sicles etc
- Suggested by Nobody2023

Piglins can have professions like villagers
Farmer piglins will plant and harvest Netherwart for examples
They still work exactly the same as they do now but with job roles
- Suggested by LemonAiden, Modified by Foxy and Jessiie

Armor Trim Templates don't vanish on use, they just break and need to be repaired for a cost instead
- Suggested by Foxy based on Tylers wish

Tools Smith Villager always has an Armor Trim Template as part of top-tier trades
- Suggested by Ecifer

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