Minecraft 1.20 is The Trails and Tales Update

Mojang cheated with the name reveal hype!

Episode Hosts

Mojang cheated with the name reveal hype!

In this episode Foxy and Slack discuss our thoughts on the Minecraft 1.20 Update name reveal as well as how Mojang have handled releasing information and features to us since Minecraft Live 2022. 
We also discuss the Bedrock Edition World Editor as well as sharing strong opinions on the new Minecraft Monthly show format.

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Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.63

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft Beta & Preview -

Minecraft JAVA 1.19.4 Pre Releases

Roger Badgerman on Twitter - Bedrock Editor Mode

Minecraft Monthly - 1.20 Name Release


Bad omen allows you to start 2 raids in separate villages

Multiple wandering traders

Drowned and players can attack, and players can break blocks, through waterlogged upper slab.

Mobs spawning in high light levels

Good Ideas Bin

Open Shulker Boxes and Enderchests from within the inventory UI
Also put a hopper on the bottom side of a crafting table and it will take the output and push it to a chest.
- Suggested by Eyeofthenyte

Use your levels to repair tools with mending
Possibly via a new workstation
- Suggested by kentuckyhick

Put item images onto hanging signs
Either with a workstation or by interacting with them while holding an item
- Suggested by Whitebush, modified by Foxy and Slack

"Ninja" Gloves that allow you to open doors / chests silently
- Suggested by Nobody2023, modified by Foxy and Slack

It could be found in the Nether near lava and be in layers that could be collected using a shovel that would give you ash particles which you could use to place it again. So it's basically grey Nether snow.
- Suggested by SnazzCakes

Bait for Fishing
No bait fishing = mainly junk, some fish, little treasure
Fishing with bait (a worm) = mainly fish, some junk, some treasure
Fishing with a golden worm = mainly treasure, some fish, some junk
Bait has limited durability. Is held in inventory like tipped arrows and automatically used by the fishing rod.
- Suggested by ToughRelic54771, modified by Foxy and Slack

Fun Ideas Bin

Wireless Chests can broadcast contents to crafting table
Use an echo shard to allow chests to broadcast their contents to nearby crafting tables and workstations
- Suggested by Preston, Modified by Slack and Foxy

Water splash sound to be amplified depending on how fast you land in it
The higher up you jump from (with a cap) the louder, more impressive of a sound you would get, and dropping in from one block it would be a small splash sound
- Suggested by Marabelljade

The ability to make workstations non-linkable to villagers
- Suggested by Brood591

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